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Here are some samples of my theater work.

White People

The long repressed issues between three generations of a middle class WASP family explode on a Saturday in 1976. A dark comedy about racism, alcoholism, and mothers. First produced at the Ensemble Studio Theater in New York (William Carden, artistic director) and directed by Michael Barakiva.

New York Magazine named it Pick of the Week. “Cuthbert's written a funny, fond, but not entirely forgiving family portrait, full of wist and rue.” I have included the full play. (read me)


The great Hollywood director Preston Sturges dies penniless at the Algonquin Hotel and becomes a ghost who must relive his past and make peace with its major players, including Howard Hughes, Isadora Duncan, his ex wives and lovers, and his mother. A comedy about genius, failure, love, and death (read me)

The Fireman's Carry

On a hot summer day in 1977 a depressed housewife and a water meter reader have an unexpected encounter that changes both their lives. (read me)

Laying Down the Law

First produced at HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, this is a sketch from Bar Play Night, a collection of short alcohol related pieces. (read me)

The Soft Touch

My very first play, winner of the American College Theater Festival Award for Best New Play and available from Samuel French

Depressed Man