Zuma Fencing

Here are samples of my screenplays. Full scripts and new projects are available to industry professionals upon request.

Killer Toyz

As Christmas approaches, an evil toy company uses an unsuspecting family to test its latest creation, a handheld device that turns parents into mindless drones who will buy their kids anything they want… but getting everything you want isn’t what you really want. Family Christmas comedy (read me)

Pet Me

Steve's scheme to seduce a high strung rich girl and marry into the one per cent hits a major snag when his beloved dog is transformed into a big, hungry, overly affectionate human, and he must choose between his best friend and never having to work again. A rom com for dog lovers (read me)


On a hot summer day in 1977 a depressed housewife and a water meter reader have an unexpected encounter that changes both their lives. An intimate, small budget comedy, based on my play The Fireman’s Carry (read me)

Gladiator Outcasts

An alcoholic former gladiator superstar and a shepherd boy posing as a prince rally a band of outcasts to free a city, a princess, and a flock of sheep in a joyride through the sword and sandal genre. Epic comedy (read me)


A dark action/comedy about a hero who bares it all to save his city and himself (read me)


A high school science teacher must save the world (and deal with his issues) when he encounters a race of highly advanced aliens who have come to free the Earth from the brutality of male domination. Sci fi comedy (read me)


Once a celebrated warrior, Thorvald Magnusson is now a wealthy farmer enjoying the good life in tenth century Iceland, but when his daughter is abducted and raped by a young earl, he must take up his sword again, return to Norway, and fight his old friends to retrieve her. (Okay, I know there's been a deluge of viking movies and shows, but this was first written several years before the current onslaught, and I'm still very proud of it.) (read me)

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